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We design, develop and integrate complete and applicable Quantum computing and Quantum-inspired computing solutions in the form of containers or micro-containers.

These are new computing modes that follow fundamental rules of quantum mechanics to regulate the calculation of quantum information units and improve the computational speed and accuracy, mainly because of the superposition of quantum mechanics, in solving various real-world problems related to, e.g.,

  • Cybersecurity and Cryptography,

  • Drug Design and Development,

  • Financial Modeling,

  • Energy Management,

  • Battery Optimization,

  • Cleaner Fertilization,

  • Logistics Optimisation,

  • Traffic Optimization,

  • Smart Networks and Satellite Systems,

  • Weather Forecasting and Climate Change,

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to name some.

In this respect, we focus on new realizations of the classical neuron model (that is composed of inputs, weights, bias, activation functions, and has 0 or 1 as output) to represent the quantum neuron model and, in turn, to resolve quantum-driven data computing, resource optimization, and machine learning problems.

Each of our Quantum and Quantum-inspired computing solutions comes with complete analyses, property proofs and simulation validations on its performance and applicability, towards justifying how it can effectively implement, either on the near-term quantum computer, or on classical X86/ARM64 hardware (i.e. when it comes to Quantum-inspired analogue models).

So far, we have achieved the purpose of reducing the complexity of linear computation part, especially in optimization and machine learning problems, either through simple quantum gates in the quantum circuit, or through fuzzy and adiabatic computing techniques in the classical hardware.

We compose our Quantum computing solutions in QMASM, QCL, or Quantum pseudocode programming languages, and our Quantum-inspired computing solutions in MatLab pseudocode, C++, or Python.

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