beyond norms

beyond norms

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The project applies 5G technology on the energy sector, by ensuring that both the radio and core network performance requirements can be reached in terms of end-to-end latency, availability and reliability.

axon logic is contributing with an Open Repository (based on the axServ tool) to provide access to NetApps, strengthen the fast-content discovery, and offer exhaustive inspection on their submitted workflows.


The project proposes innovative (a) risk analysis, (b) trust and accountability mechanisms for data protection, and (c) security awareness training for informed security choices.

axon logic is contributing by optimizing security via distributed risk tracking (based on the axCom tool) to improve the resilience of networks against cyber-threats in automated manner, while preserving privacy, data protection and accountability.

The project aims to improve the cybersecurity and privacy of beyond-5G systems by proposing unique modeling of the IoT unit with new methods for automated firmware and software validation and verification.

The members of axon logic are contributing by providing mathematical game-problem modeling for accounting security risks together with the required QoS of each IoT and end-user device, along with analytical solution methodologies for resolving the problem in high accuracy and low complexity, thereby ensuring close to real-time system operation.



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