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To gain insight into the new norms for today’s communications services, we have turned our focus on investigating solutions over cutting-edge technologies, like:

  • network virtualization

  • Thing-to-Edge-to-Cloud computing, and

  • network automation.

Our efforts in Network Virtualization lay on the design, verification, operation, and security of the virtualized MEC, using advances from Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and Software Defined Network (SDN) concepts. This includes the DevOps and analysis of the relationship between applications within NFV architectural concepts for the Edge, with beyond-5G/6G networks and transmission technologies. For instance, we have specialized in how beyond-5G/6G applications can be designed, orchestrated, and managed by NFV mechanisms and VNFs, and we have developed experimental solutions of TRL4 respective to these matters. Our solutions can also help to advance Software-Defined Wide Area Networks services (SD-WAN, i.e., the implementation of the SDN concept into WAN topologies),like securing access to remote applications and for every user and device regardless of their physical location (e.g. located in public or private Clouds), supporting on-premise Edge data centres, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and public Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) applications.

Regarding our efforts on Edge-Cloud networking, we mainly focus on:

  • the decentralization of network intelligence,

  • the distribution of the decision-making and computing processes,

  • the Blockchain-based task offloading, and

  • new geo-location schemas with <10 cm accuracy for indoors,

by combining concepts of the Age of Information and the Theory of Warfare. We have deployed an Edge micro data centre to manage meta-data and tasks of an underlying IoT platform over WiFi, 4G and Fibre connectivity, and performed experiments to attain a Thing-to-Edge-to-Cloud computing setting. This approach comes with full architecture analysis, algorithm analysis, design and development of the various new architectural components for data control, using micro SDN controllers and operators based on the Contiki open-source Operating System. Its importance is significant in experimenting with Edge Computing solutions and small-scale use cases.

Regarding our efforts on Network Automation, we are working on automation concepts of the Open Digital Architecture, which is part of the overarching Open Digital Framework. We emphasize producing closed-loop automation and event- or time-triggering modules for Communication Service Provider networks, using SystemVerilog programming language (standardized as IEEE 1800). Our automation modules are delivered as software-defined components, and they can monitor the network traffic and optimize the end-user Quality of Experience, by continuously:

  • identifying types of network traffic,

  • collecting performance metrics,

  • calculating data rate demands and resource availability,

  • mapping these metrics to user service levels, and

  • setting optimal resource distribution for each traffic component.

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