beyond norms

beyond norms

Innovation Science and Engineering Research

axon logic was firstly established in 1989 as "ΑΞΩΝ coaching school" and re-formulated in 2020 as multi-disciplinary research and innovation Small-Medium Enterprise with the aim to invent and build technology and solutions that are needed for the 21st century.

The company provides specialized research support tools and knowledge consultancy services to a wide variety of sciences either in applied mathematics, classical and quantum physics, or electronic engineering – accurately delivering new ideas, technology and business insights in sectors, like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, edge-cloud computing, and green communications systems.

Our main research team consists of seven members in total, all with PhD proficiency and all with strong experience in realizing the technology evolution in respect to front-running public and market needs, like the needs of social distancing and environmental protection that put greater demand on all things both digitally and ethically.

We aim at establishing ourselves as a reliable and effective choice in technology design, development and integration by offering a specialized spectrum of services and scientific innovation methods.

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Our key principle is to develop new solutions from scrach by using pure analysis of the given problem, its properties and its boundaries, and by deriving the result in terms of final formulas, such that the final algorithm can be, not only mathematically precise, but also applicable in practical setting and scale.

Health Dpt. Director


BSc.Math, MBA, M.Sc, Ph.D

Applied Mathematics, Biostatistics, Finance Law

Head - ICT Dpt. Director


BSc.Eng, MSc, GC.Eng, MPhil, Ph.D

Applied Mathematics, ICT Engineering, AI Engineering

IT Dpt. Director


BSc.Eng, M.Sc, Ph.D

Telecoms, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity

Mathematics Dpt. Director


BSc.Math, M.Sc, Ph.D

Applied Mathematics, Quantum & AI Engineering

Robotics Dpt. Director

Anastasios N. MOSCHATOS

BSc.Eng, MBA, Ph.D

Mechanical Engineering, Marketing & Finance